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Regain A Sense Of Tranquility In Your Bathroom

how to decorate the bathroom like a spa

How would you feel if you could treat yourself to a spa weekend at your home? It is not just a dream. You can now do so at the comfort of your house by turning your otherwise boring bathroom into a tranquil space. Let’s read on to know how.

Luxury bathroom design ideas are
not just a notion; it is actually a truly creative way to enhance the beauty of your bathroom. There are many affordable ways to do so. But many people look for professional services and why not? Experts work with knowledge and extensive ideas. Casainteriors.co is a renowned luxury brand that has gained popularity as a top interior designer in Gurgaon. They sketch and map your bathrooms and come up with a customized solution as per your requirement. Their Luxury bathroom design ideas talks about their proficiency.

For people who want to try their hands on creative ideas to change the outlook of your bathrooms, make sure you follow simple and creative steps.

Extra Barrier– While talking about a spa feeling, a private place where one can completely focus on a stress free journey is the ideal option. So get a shower curtain and let the world around you vanish away. Get creative to think of a way that can enhance the spirit of quietude.

Present Nicely– From bath salts to spa massage oils and other body treatment products, if are kept in a decorative manner will only work to spark the room. Use lovely containers that look cute and attractive to put your necessary products. After all it is all about soothing your eyes and mind.

bathroom design ideas surprising elements always keep in the bathroom

Surprising Element- Now this is a big part of your luxury bathroom design ideas. A piece of giant mirror or an artwork or maybe a flower vase can accentuate the beauty of your bathroom in a great extent. It also has an effect on our mind that can relax us.

Divine Candles– The charm of candles cannot be denied as they surround us with romantically warm feelings. They can enhance mood and brings in a delightful atmosphere.

So Softy- When you surround yourself with softness all you get the feelings of relaxation always with you. A soft towel and slippers or a bathrobe are very comfortable. Keep bathrobes and towels in order.

Feel the serenity around you when you are in your lovely bathroom. In case you are wondering to hire the top interior designer in Gurgaon make sure you consult Casainteriors.co.

Create Trendy Look With Your Windows


Windows are the eyes of our house. They are a way of communication, imagination and style. And if you are thinking how to give a dazzling makeover to your window, make sure that you find suitable window curtains to add charm to your rooms. For some beautiful interior design ideas that reflects the decor of your windows, keep reading.

Add Amazing Texture

First you need to consider the mood of your room. If it is a formal space you can use silk or velvet curtains. Modern curtains come in various textures that work great for different room types. You can use silky rayon or sheer curtains for a more casual appearance. On the other hand, cotton blends are great for simplistic and classic room decor.

Colour Them Up

Give a thought to your colour taste. You need to blend the colour of your curtains with your room decor. Mix-n-match is good if you know the right way. If you find that curtains are not perfect for your rooms, grab nice pieces of window shades. They are classic and have rustic appearance. Make sure that you use light colours curtains if your room is small. Bold, deep colours are great for spacious rooms.

Cheerful Patterns

For a house that has patterned furniture, go for solid coloured curtains. And if you have solid coloured furniture and bed linen, go for patterned curtains. Neutral prints, block prints and dots are great. If you want to create a dramatic effect, graphics printed curtains are perfect. But you need to know where to and how to use such curtains. Be it your bedroom windows or living room windows, every house has a specific ambiance. And curtains can certainly increase the charm.


More About Living Room Or Lounge Designs

Living room decor ideas


Living room or lounge area is the perfect place to hang out and enjoy with friends or family members. Yet, many of us forget to neglect the importance of living room designs and decorations. Since the living room is always a place for a family get-together and your guests get the first impression through your living room, it is important to go for finest living room decor ideas. One of the best ways is to consult a reputed interior designer that can easily change the style and appearance of your living room.

Few things that can help you figure out the right decor idea are:

Colour Concept

A balanced atmosphere is necessary to create in your living room. Thus a proper colour scheme is important to maintain. White or pastel shades are good if you like to create a spacious appearance. On the other hand for the touch of vibrancy, you can add bold colours such as sunset red, shades of orange, and blue. But you need to make sure of your room size. Smaller living rooms are good in light colours. Wall accents and background designs are also a great way to create a dramatic look and enhance the overall beauty.

Flooring Ideas

Living room floors can be done with a number of ideas. You can choose from stone, wood, or tiles. Say, if you want to decorate your floor then a carpet or area rug can do the magic. The soft and comfortable feel of a carpet or rug is also beneficial in the winter season. The wooden floor is quite difficult to maintain but looks great if you know how to take care of it. The high-quality wooden floor is timeless and changes the entire appearance of the living room.

Contemporary And Elegant Furniture

One of the ideal ways to decorate the living room is by using stylish and flexible furniture. Living room decor ideas can be done implementing the appropriate furniture and in the right place. Make maximum use of the space, but the trick is not to dump everything in your living room. Do not go overboard on decoration. Use accessories to spark the ambience and not make it look like a shop selling decorating pieces. Sometimes simplicity can look amazing. Add mirror, flowers, large vase or a beautiful hanging lamp.

Country And Rustic Style Design

Country style living room looks great even if you stay in a city. It might include large brick-built hearths, wooden floors, and carpets. Accessories such as candles, antique artworks look great. Moreover, you can place a big dining table on one corner of your traditional living room. The rustic colour combination of the wall and decorations can add the old-world charm around. Big windows, large curtains and fireplace work wonderfully. To create a long lasting impression adds shades of brown, caramel, tan brown or olive green for the rustic earth tones that goes well with country style decor.

Living room decor ideas need creativity and experience and an expert team in interior design and decoration can fetch you superb results in quick turnaround time. 

Essentials Of A Designer Home


Everyone wishes for a beautifully decorated house with a charming interior. But only a professional interior designer can give you the right mood, pleasant atmosphere and exact elements that enhance the personality of your sweet abode.

A designer home needs certain elements and prior thinking on the concept to be applied is necessary. A well-planned home starts with ideas and careful selection of inspiration, colour schemes, decorative and lots more.

Here are some of the important factors that cannot be overlooked while decorating a house.

Concept Must Reflect Mood

Mood can be developed by the use of the charismatic colour combination, your style statement, preferred design pattern and your favourite types of home accessories. While creating the right mood one has to know the right arrangement of decorative, furniture arrangements and colour concept that will suit the particular room. Both art and fun have something to do with beautiful decorations. Interior designers use their expertise to infuse life into a room. And this is why professional service gives you the best result.

home accessories are like costume jewellery
Let Personality Speak

Accessories play a vital part not just in our homes, but also in our lives. It reflects our style and creates a vibrant statement. Right choice and arrangement of home accessories can define the ambience of a room. From an artistic piece of decorative to vases of various shapes and sizes, home accessories are like costume jewellery that enhances every corner of your sweet living nest.


Decorating Element By Element

The decoration is not a task that involves creating an appealing home interior. It is how you decorate your rooms using the right element in the right place. And in doing so the focal point plays an important role. For instance, a fireplace could be a marvellous focal point in a cottage or villa style luxurious living room. Again, you can add bright area rugs or even a built-in bookcase to draw the attention to that particular place.

A home with nicely designed spaces and decoration is everyone’s wish. Make your dream come true by consulting an experienced interior designer in Delhi NCR.