Windows are the eyes of our house. They are a way of communication, imagination and style. And if you are thinking how to give a dazzling makeover to your window, make sure that you find suitable window curtains to add charm to your rooms. For some beautiful interior design ideas that reflects the decor of your windows, keep reading.

Add Amazing Texture

First you need to consider the mood of your room. If it is a formal space you can use silk or velvet curtains. Modern curtains come in various textures that work great for different room types. You can use silky rayon or sheer curtains for a more casual appearance. On the other hand, cotton blends are great for simplistic and classic room decor.

Colour Them Up

Give a thought to your colour taste. You need to blend the colour of your curtains with your room decor. Mix-n-match is good if you know the right way. If you find that curtains are not perfect for your rooms, grab nice pieces of window shades. They are classic and have rustic appearance. Make sure that you use light colours curtains if your room is small. Bold, deep colours are great for spacious rooms.

Cheerful Patterns

For a house that has patterned furniture, go for solid coloured curtains. And if you have solid coloured furniture and bed linen, go for patterned curtains. Neutral prints, block prints and dots are great. If you want to create a dramatic effect, graphics printed curtains are perfect. But you need to know where to and how to use such curtains. Be it your bedroom windows or living room windows, every house has a specific ambiance. And curtains can certainly increase the charm.



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